Ankle Reconstruction

Operation Information & Guidelines


In Hospital2 Days


Plaster Slab14 Days


Elevate foot10 Days

Crutches14 Days

No weight bearing2 Weeks

Partial weight bearing in a brace2 Weeks

Full weight bearing in a brace2 Weeks


Off Work
- Office
- Standing occupation2 Weeks
4 Weeks

No driving2-3 Weeks


Foot remains swollen10 Weeks

Final result12 Weeks

Take regular analgesia 4-6 hourly throughout Post-Operative period.
Take 2 Panadol 1 hour before Post Op visit.

These timeframes should be used as a guide only and may vary for individual patients based on the nature or extent of the actual surgery performed and individual circumstances. Please contact Mr Mark Blackney’s rooms on (03) 9417 0762 or Mr Terence Chin’s rooms on (03) 9928 6450 if you require further information.