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About Mr Mark Blackney

Mark Blackney has practised in the area of foot and ankle surgery at Park Clinic Orthopaedics for 14 years. Throughout this period he has consulted on over eighteen thousand patients and performed over eight thousand operations. This has provided a remarkable level of experience and knowledge in this area.

The patient group has included cases with the highest level of complexity.  Many of Australia’s elite level athletes have required treatment throughout the practice. Mr Blackney acts as a consultant to a number of professional sporting teams and organizations.

Within the speciality Mr Blackney has developed a particular interest in the treatment of deformityespecially bunion and forefoot problems.  Mr Blackney was one of the pioneers of the scarf akin osteotomy in Australia which has now become the standard treatment for hallux valgus.

Other areas of research and development have been in foot and ankle arthroscopy, ankle joint replacement and the treatment of mortons neuroma.

Mr Blackney specialises in keyhole foot surgery, benefits of this technique include:

  • Tiny incisions

  • Minimal swelling

  • Fast recovery

  • Day Surgery

  • No heavy anaesthetic

There is a lot to like about keyhole foot surgery. Most toe and foot problems can be treated in this way in our practice. Deformities can be corrected and pain relieved. All leading to better function, shoeware and enjoyment. At your consultation, if surgery is considered helpful these techniques will be discussed


Current Positions:

  • Chairman, Foot & Ankle

Asia Pacific Orthopaedic Association

  • Chairman, Foot & Ankle

St Vincent's Health, Victoria